FAQ Lucky Golf

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  If I don’t like the club, can I return it?

A:  Yes.  Your purchase is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  We’re so sure you will love your Lucky Products that we guarantee your satisfaction for life.  If you’re not 100% convinced it’s the best wedge you’ve ever owned, you can send it back for a full refund and we will pay the return shipping as well.  We want there to be zero reason why you won’t give our products a chance so buy one TODAY and try it and know that if you don’t like it you can send it back in the same package it came in… EASY.  Vokey gives you 14 days  Cleveland gives you 30.  We have the best return policy in the industry.  Period.


Q:  Where can I find more spec information on the wedges?

A:  The wedge heads are forged from 1020 soft carbon steel and have a CNC milled face.  Bounce information can be found on the product pages.  Both the black and gold finishes are done using an electroplating process adhering the colored metal to the stock silver metal head. 

The shaft is a stepless rifle shaft and not a standard stepped shaft.  Its regular flex with a middle kick point and weight is around 120 grams.  Shaft lengths vary by loft and can be found on the product pages.   We currently only offer right handed clubs but are bringing in a limited offering of lefties in the near future.

The grips are custom rubber grips and mimic a Tour Velvet style grip.  The rubber is high quality and lends to a nice tacky feel after a couple rounds of play.


Q:  Do you offer stiff shafts on Lucky Wedges?

A:  We are offering stiff shafts on our gold Lucky Wedges at this time.  You can select shaft stiffness and grip size when ordering individual wedges.  Lead time on customziation is 2-3 weeks to ship.


Q:  Do you have left handed Lucky Wedges?

A:  We currently offer our Lucky Wedges in left handed in gold finish only.  These are available for sale on our website right now.  Putters are only availabe in right hand at this time.


Q:  How well does the gold finish hold up?

A:  The gold finish is going to wear off on the sole and bottom part of the face.  There is no getting around that and it’s the same with any colored golf club on the market.  The colors are electroplated to the steel and are not made of solid gold steel or solid black steel.  How fast the color wears will depend on how often you play and what surfaces you’re hitting from.  The clubs are still beautiful after months of play but you will see noticeable wear on the sole and the underneath silver color will start to show through.  If you try our wedge and play with it enough to where the color starts to wear, you’ve probably already decided you love it and will play it regardless.  If, however, you absolutely cannot stand the wear, send it back whenever for a full refund.


Q:  How fast will it ship?

A:  Our goal is to ship everything out either same day or next day.  Free shipping includes ground shipping anywhere in the continental US.  Expedited shipping is available for purchase.

**UPDATE** Due to COVID-19 some packages are delayed by UPS and USPS.  Both UPS and USPS have stopped guaranteeing delivery times so we will be unable to process refunds for shipments that arrive late.  For more information see UPS website at https://www.ups.com/us/en/service-alerts.page?id=alert1

Have another question?  Email us at support@luckywedges.com