Welcome to Lucky

Welcome to Lucky

As a newly launched company Lucky Wedges is starting to make a name for itself in the giant world of golf.  Based on the premise of bringing style to the equipment world, Lucky Wedges offer the first ever production gold golf wedge to short game enthusiasts.  Beyond the equipment itself though, Lucky Golf embodies a style that is alternative to the mainstream brands being marketed on a daily basis.  Lucky Wedges makes high performance golf wedges that offer golfers better shots and better chips all while being better looking out on the course.

By adding weight and moving the center of gravity lower and closer to the sole, Lucky Wedges are dynamite out of the sand and help golfer improve their pitch shots.  Two of the most difficult shots in golf.  As one customer recently put it, the club almost seems to swing itself in those two situations.

Lucky Wedges is determined to help golfers improve their wedge game not only through our equipment but also by offering tips and guidance on how to hit better shots with a wedge whether from the fairway, bunker or green side.

Check back to our blog periodically for helpful information on how to up your wedge game and also for information on the latest in golf fashion and trends.

Get Lucky!

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So, I just ordered your 50 and it says your return policy is only 21 days. Competing with large manufacturers that offer 90 day return policy’s at the same price point, how come you don’t have a longer return period. Especially when it’s unknown how the gold finish will hold up….

Karl Moberg

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