Using Your Lucky Wedge from the Rough

Using Your Lucky Wedge from the Rough

Hitting any shot from the rough is less desirable than being in the fairway, that's obvious.  Hitting your wedge from the rough can be particularly challenging, especially when chipping or pitching the ball.  Pitching or chipping the ball makes you already susceptible to deceleration and the dreaded chili-dip shot we covered in our last post.  These shots are even more difficult when coupled with thick rough because the grass can catch the club and slow it down or move the face.  

In his short video below, Colin McCarthy PGA Professional and coach illustrates and easy way to cut down on the friction of the club head going through the grass.  This easy little trick to use with your Lucky Wedges will have you hitting more consistent pitch and chip shots from the rough.

Lucky Wedges are already designed with extra weight to and balance to help carry momentum through your pitch and chips and avoid deceleration.  Coupled with this tip that Colin offers below, you can hit closer chips and pitch shot from the rough and lower your scores with closer putts.



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