The Dreaded Chili Dip Golf Shot

The Dreaded Chili Dip Golf Shot

The Dreaded Chili Dip Golf Shot

It's every golfers greatest fear.  you're lying 10 yards off the green on a tight lie.  You just smashed your drive but your approach came up just a little bit short.  You now have to pitch the ball off a tight lie close enough to make the putt for par.  Easy enough, right?  and then it comes, the chili dip!  Your wedge comes in too steep, you take too much turf and the ball hobbles 15 ft and is still short of the green. 

Humbling as it is, the chili dip is a shot that every golfer struggles with and can be fixed easily.

In order to avoid this momentum killing, frustrating shot we need to fix the angle of attack but also get the leading edge of the wedge under the ball.  There are two things that can help avoid this disaster on the course.  One is changing your swing angle from a more steep attack to a more flat back swing and steeper upswing, the second is playing the correct wedge with a low center of gravity.  By bringing the club back flatter, you reduce the chance that the leading edge will dig into the turf before striking the ball.  The flatter attack angle will produce a more lofted shot and so the golfer should adjust the depth of the back swing to accommodate more distance.  

Lucky Wedges are designed to have a lower center of gravity and hold more weight in the sole of the club to aid in these shots as well as shots from the sand.  The extra weight makes it easier for the club to maintain on plane and gives the golfer more momentum through the ball and through contact producing more accurate shots and helping the golfer make better contact with the ball in these situations.

Using the right tool is important but getting the correct swing down is just as imperative to avoiding the chili dip golf shot.  Grab your Lucky Wedge and head to the practice green and practice different swing planes and angles of attach until you get confident you've found the one that will work for you.  Avoiding these types of shots and pitching the ball closer to the hole can shave strokes from your game instantly.


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In addition to playing a wedge with appropriate weight distribution, the swing angle can help avoid the dreaded chili dip.  As shown in this still borrowed from the goal is to have the club follow the swing plane of the upswing and NOT of the back swing

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