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Lucky Wedges

LEFT-Hand Signature Gold Gap Wedge (54)

LEFT-Hand Signature Gold Gap Wedge (54)

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Coated in our signature gold and precision forged from a single block of steel, Lucky Golf wedges manifest surreal control around the greens and bring tour soft feel to your short game

It's Your Time to Shine.


Material:  1020 Forged Soft Carbon Steel

CNC Milled Face

Loft:  54 degrees

Lie:  63 degrees

Bounce: 10 degrees

C Grind

Finished Weight:  300 grams

Shaft:  35" Regular Flex


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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Cagle

I've very much enjoyed my new lucky 54 degree wedge. It has been surprisingly good when used around the green (which was not originally what I intended to use it for). My shots have been accurate and it has filled the gap I needed from (95-105yds out). My only negative is that it is not nearly as forgiving as i hoped when I occasionally hit it off the toe. When that happens, it does not travel nearly as far as I hoped. That said, I really enjoy having a lucky wedge in my bag. Keep up the good work