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Lucky Wedges

LEFT-Handed 3 Wedge Bundle - Gold

LEFT-Handed 3 Wedge Bundle - Gold

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**Out of stock Left Handed 60 - consider 58 instead**


Create your own lefty set!

Looking for a fresh look on the course? Lucky Wedges will set you apart on the course and has the performance to back it up. 

With the look that started it all, the Gold Lucky Wedge is a proven performer with a style unmatched by anything out there.  Lucky Wedges are the statement you're looking for with the game to back it up. 

Proven by thousands of golfers out on the course, our wedges help you keep your short game on point and elevate your style game to the next level.  Get them in your bag today.

With your choice of multiple lofts in the bag, there's no shot within 120 yards that you can't make.

  • Forged 1020 Carbon Steel for superior feel
  • CNC Milled face for ultimate spin
  • Refined bounce for shot versatility
  • Sleek design and unparalleled style


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Laramie Owens
Something to See

A little style, a lot of function. Your playing partners will look up from the ball landing softly next to the hole just to find you finishing a golden club twirl. Left handed? Lucky for you, any loft you want. Lucky? Idk, feels a lot like the Midas touch around the dance floor.

Drew Henderson
Game Changing Course Statement

Wedges elevated my game and my course status. Bringing these out then hitting a perfect shot. No clubs better.

Robert Gorecki
Arvada Bob

First impression out of the tube is beautiful. These clubs have a nice feel. The grip is comfortable. The club head is heavier than my previous wedges but that is a plus. I noticed it gets out of deep rough easily. The club length seems about a half inch shorter than my other wedges but actually feels better to my taste. I have not been in dry sand with it yet since it’s been raining a lot but it powers through the wet sand. I am happy with the purchase and would say they are comparable to any of the high priced brands out there I have tried. The set is the way to go bringing it down to about $100 per club. I like my putter but would be interested if Lucky came out with a lefty. Thanks for including us lefties, a other brand which I will not mention didn’t think it was profitable enough to continue to include us Left handed golfers.